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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 17, 2019 1:42am-2:13am PDT

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>> the visdeos have started popping up at important celebrations. this one is unlike any you have seen before. that i can promise you. because this it first look is happening between this 90-year-old woman and her 70-year-old daughter. they have never seen each other before. obviously, with the exception of the moment the daughter was born. >> wow. >> it's a beautiful moment. you can see their mom so happy and excited. she's jumping with joy. this being photographed and filmed by elizabeth's granddaughter that set the whole thing up.
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>> it's an incredible moment. but what they must be a crazy story behind this. >> we don't know all the details. we know her daughter was adopted all of those years ago. and it wasn't until wanda, elizabeth's granddaughter, did a dna test where she got this match. so she looked into this match that was obviously a close relative and she said she had been adopted and has never met her biological family. so she knew there was something there. she looked into it and was able to connect the dots and make this moment happen. >> it just proves it's never too late. >> things are heating up and fast. >> that truck is engulfed in flames.
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>> the driver trabed in the cabin. they are tell iing him to keep moving. so things around hum don't catch fire. there's no word on what caused the fire. the video picks up right there where he's in the ditch tries for safety, he flips over >> he's object the stage. >> what was that? >> that flame thrower does a bit of pyrotechnics.
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>> what? not somebody, something. i'm going to run it again. >> that bottle of alcohol. >> that's exactly what it is. >> that's strong stuff. >> what is he drinking, gas? >> you see it's dripping. that flame hits him right in the face and suffers second degree burns. >> he thought those pyrotechnics had been set deactivated because they were done using them for the night. >> apparently he's doing okay. when you've on a game drive, it's not surprising to see big game. however, it is surprising to see them do this. this is a he parred looking for her cub. she stands up and looks around.
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an incredible sighting that you just don't see every day. >> are they hiding from her? does she ever find them? >> she does eventually find them. what happened was when they came out from an area they were at, the baby got scared and took off. she had to cross the road but vench yoully they were reunited. but this mom shows a a mom's job is never done. this one has to sleep, feed the babies and play with them at same time. the baby with her tail, do you know what? this is not part of the plan. that baby can cannot stop. just can't get enough. and finally, you have an adult lion necessary here. she's playing with some of the little ones and the bigger cubs are not exactly gentle.
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they are like, hey, calm down, be nice. >> they can hurt you even a the that young age. >> it's time to give away another ipad. to enter you'll need thursday's buzzword and a legal resident of the u.s. that's coming us. stand by for the ipad give away. trillions of dollars spent to get into space is all done so astronauts could play with stuff. we have a canadian astronaut showing us the effect that microgravity on zero gravity has on honey. >> oh, i thought it was apple sauce. >> he's actually on the international space station. he's been up there for 160 days.
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he's responsible for canadian and international science demonstrations, but also supports the operations including robotics and space walk. he's doing plenty. he has a lot of time time. >> a a climber is conquering unchartered territories. >> she's setting up for one of the final moves. >> see how this climb goes off course. plus the kids are running about. grandparent realizes something goes wrong. >> how he saves the boy from the unthinkable, coming up. unbelieva-brow longwear brow gel, by l'oreal paris. no smudge. sweat resistant. waterproof. it's unbelievable. unbelieva-brow longwear brow gel. l'oréal paris.
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respect for the rock climb. you have to be dedicated and spend quite a bit of time figuring out these difficulties. these followed along. he's been working on this particular route, which he claims has never been climbed and is the hardest climb in the the united kingdom. he's setting up for one of the final moves. he's very close up. >> even though they are harnessed in, the line isn't helping them prop them up. it's simply if they fall. >> how far could he fall? >> i hate to tell you, but we're going to find out. he's readying himself for one last dynamic move. up to the left there. >> you can see where it's going.
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>> you can see when james falls, at least two of his anchor points come undone. two of those pieces come out of the wall. that's why he falls nearly 50 feet. he got out of it without any injury. >> the helmet comes flopping off. >> that has to shake you up. >> james says he's going to try this again. his motivation for doing that is what he does some of this he will be the first person. >> just think about what a day in the life is is like. >> the idea of traveling all the time appears glamorous. it's probably really intense dealing with people too.
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in this video. >> i spend 27 hours a week at 35,000 feet. i have gone up to six days. my days can be 12 hours. it's really dry. i try to put as much moisture on my face as possible. >> she doesn't try to do anything that's over the top. it take hearse about 15 minutes to do her face. out the door and headed for her day. she has packing down to a science. a lot of times we see flight attendants in heels, but they put their flats she feels more comfortable in a a dress. she says if i was going to have similar features and the first 90 days of when you get the bad cold and after a year, you're ready to go. while sol might find ruined, she
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tries to make it feel like home. so many videos of the show are children falling into we always comment why wasn't the well corred. in this case, this is the well. it is covered with a cement block. pretty safe, right? until this kid climbs on it. >> was that cement block need a tissue? >> and just like that, the cover breaks. it shatters, swallowing the poor child. then grandparent grandpa realizes something is wrong. he goes to check it out. he jumps in himself. >> good man. >> was it plastic or just heavy paper. that didn't look like concrete. >> the cover was already cracked
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and hadn't yet been replaced. but don't worry. with the ophelp of other adults they were able to swoop the child out. this next video coming from china. check this out. that's exactly what's going on. and the story is essentially copy and paste because the parents left the kid. the kid got curious and started climbing out the window and slipped right through and got his little head stuck. >> you think the kid would be too small to fit through there, but we have learned they can ease through anything. one of the people was a 42-year-old man delivering bottled water to clients in the residential area. he sprinted upstairs and was allowed into the home below the little kids' residence. he was able to basically hoist the child up until police aarrived seven minutes later. it's over. >> this boy has thes.
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you can come up with a million reasons for not wanting to go out to the wilderness and enjoy nature. but just maybe this new invention will take one of those reasons off the table. for now, what if there were none. bha tent poles were a thing of the past. >> that was very quickly. >> the structure is a type of dome structure. and the tent merl is hooked to those air tubes. they claim it's designed to
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withstand strong winds, inflate quite easily by the pump that's included. this is a kickstarter campaign. they have raised more than they intended to. they raised a a lot measure they needed. if you're interested in getting in on one of these tent tubes with the early bird specials, you can contribute $249, which they say is is about 50% off the intended retail price will be. this could be the tent's preview. we have appreciated the gold, but this time it's heartbreak. his dad is telling him, you just got to get over your girlfriend. she moved away. >> it's over, man. >> it has nothing to do with love. >> the love is still there.
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they live on a military base. >> he doesn't want to hear any of that. >> it's time to move on. >> i'm not going to move on. >> he's not ready to move on. this is first love. he talked about willow every day. >> he may have to go through this a number of times. >> no, no, no. >> i feel us yo, buddy. i still remember the pain when i was 5 and moved to the uk. somebody else give her her fruit snacks. >> that is so shady. >> he didn't quite give up his video games. you'll appreciate this one shh video posted from a viewer. this is her 5-month-old brantley. they roll with it. you see what that is? it's a sticker that goes on your clothing.
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>> i love that laughing. >> see it's the little things. it's time to give away another ipad. you'll need the buzzword, be 18 or older and a resident of the u.s. get over to jierooigtthisminutem and enter ipad. so let's reveal thursday's buzzword. get overo "right this minute" and enter thursday's buzzword. good luck, everybody. dude is fixing up the house. so he gets to
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i didn't know this was a thing. but a lot of people are doing
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these. >> we're all familiar with diy. but i have di why? it quickly becomes whoa. how do you think? >> you can start cramming in some ramen. rebreaking it up and add i don't know what. once we add this up, it ends up hardened. he gets to work chiselling it down. now it's sort of filled in the spot where it's white spray paint. it's not covering up the ramen needles. before you know it, i don't plooef it. >> as soon as you started that, it's used in it.
2:07 am
>> we will be taking it on this one. >> they add the mystery ingredient to it. you see how it starts expanding and hardening. i haven't been able to figure out what that this is. >> it's devil water. >> it's doing god's work because you smooth it all down again. now get some paint and start painting the red and on the outside with the green. so by the time they are done, you have no idea where it was broken or if it was even broken in the first place. a a huge hole in this table. not for long. this one is amazing. same process that we have seen before. but once it's totally smooth, it's the artistry that comes in here. they start add iing the paint wh the drying. then adding in the little imperfections on top as well. by the end, that's awesomeawesoe
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we're going to fix that. that's all for this episode. check out "right this minute" and enter the buzzword, connect with us. see you next time on a brand new "right this minute." >> this is kelsey hanger from asheville, north carolina. she's a geriatric physical therapist whose been practicing for our show by answering trivia questions from her patience. will all that practice pay off? we're about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] welcome to the show. are you guys ready for "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] kelsey, welcome
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to "millionaire. are you ready to play? >> absolutely. >> all right, let's set up the board and let's get to work. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] start you off with that $500 question. good luck. here we go. on those giant #1 foam fingers often seen at sporting events, which finger of the hand is usually extended to signify "#1"? >> okay, so i have a picture of me with one of these and i know it's definitely not your middle finger or your ring finger. i'm gonna go b, index finger. final answer. >> if you lose, it's d, but no. index finger is right. [cheers and applause] gotta keep it pg-13 here. >> [chuckles] >> $1,000 question. which one of these statements about the founder of a country is actually true?
2:10 am
>> i'm not gonna try to pronounce the answer, but i am gonna go with c. final answer. >> the only one that seems reasonable. yes. [cheers and applause] $1,000. here's your $2,000 question. in 2017, indiana senior citizens ray and wilma yoder announced they'd finally completed their 40-year quest to visit all 600-plus u.s. locations of what homey establishment? >> i'm gonna go c, cracker barrel. final answer. >> yeah, cracker barrel. that's right. [cheers and applause] well done. three questions down.
2:11 am
$3,000 is what this one is worth. according to actress nichelle nichols, what '60s tv show was a favorite of martin luther king jr., who praised its diverse cast? >> so... i grew up without a tv, so that puts me back a little bit here. >> a little bit. >> [laughs] >> yeah. >> so for this one--i'm gonna have to ask the audience on this one. >> okay. >> final answer. >> all right, audience, we could use some help here. pick up those keypads, enter your votes now. [percussive music] ♪ all right, results are in. audience, help us out. let's take a look. well, 73% say d, "star trek." >> all right, thanks, guys. i have no choice but to go with d, "star trek." final answer.
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>> live long and prosper, audience. well done. that's right! [cheers and applause] well used lifeline. hopefully we'll stay away from tv questions now. >> yeah. [laughs] >> take out all those "bachelor" questions. chance to get to that $5,000 threshold right here. if you're admiring your new jacket that features a pattern of broken or jagged checks, you're the proud owner of what kind of coat? >> mm-kay. i don't know what these look like here. i'm gonna have to go with my gut on this one. >> all right, well, you're at $3,000. a chance to get to $5,000. you do have two more lifelines if you need 'em. >> this is true. this is true. >> this is an important question 'cause you wanna get to that threshold. >> right, well, i-- >> this next one's big. >> yes, i'm--i'm leaning towards...


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